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How to Deal With Online Defamation

It usually is very difficult to deal with justified reproaches here and there against you as a person. It however is just completely devastating and heartbreaking when dealing with an online attack that has a vendetta to destroy your good name. Dealing with cyber bullies who use the online platforms to tarnish people’s reputations is not easy.

There is an opinion battle on how to deal with online defamation but mostly on whether to use the legal approach or the non-legal approach. The truth is, once you have taken the legal approach, it shows you are fully on the offensive and are ready to fight back whilst the non-legal approach is laid back and may just as well have the same impact. With the legal way, you shall have to consider the legal fees but it is an undoubtedly successful way to deal with the issue. To some extent, it will seem like heavy handed and get the online community to sympathize with your attacker.

The non-legal approach requires you to get into contact with the attacker and ask them to pull down false information about you. The attacker may pull down the content and thus restore your reputation. However if the attacker is hiding behind a fake identity or is anonymously posting this damaging content, the non-legal approach might not be all that helpful.

If the false statements and stories are posted by anonymous bodies, there is need to bring in an online defamation attorney who shall then be able to investigate, find the identities and take them to court if necessary. Most of the time, there will be no need to go to court because the lawyer can just send them a warning and they will stop the cyber attacking you. To determine if there is a just case against an attacker, the best way is to gauge based on the motive, if it has affected you financially or there is plain malice so as to get an upper hand at something, then there definitely is a case. In this instance, you can let your attorney find the proof and let him do his job.

As you await the court process to go on, there is another way that you can still use to bring down your online attacker, that is report them. Start by reporting the domain to the domain registrar, then to the hosting companies, then onto the social media platforms and finally onto Google. This is an easy way to have the attacker shut down. You can use this as a last hand if all else seems not to be working lest it be received as a similar retaliatory attack on your attacker which then affects their livelihood. Involve your stakeholders before taking this step even though the same is legal. Be prepared for any kind of outcome as this decision is very serious.

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