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How Did The Goalie Mask Come Into Existence?

Goalie masks were first made with the intention of protecting the player. Today, they are not for this purpose only because most of them are artistic. It is hard to find a goalie mask which is identical because they are made with the intention of expressing the individuality of the goaltender. Some player prefer to change their goalie mask each year. The players may also choose not to change their Vintage goalie masks. In the 1960s, this tradition of making goalie mask was started by Gerry who played for Boston Bruins. The symbolic stitches which were visible on the goaltender players were meant to show the damage which could be suffered if the player had not taken the initiative of wearing the goalie tender.

Despite the fact that people say that the goalie mask was first invented in the early 1950s, the people behind its invention were not the first ones to wear it. In the 1930s, Clint Benedict was recognised for wearing the Vintage mask because he had a hurting nose and did not want to incur more injuries on it. A goalie mask which is generally used by baseball players was won by a Japanese sometimes back. We can talk of so many different Vintage goalie masks, for example the one made of fibreglass and is made in a way that it covers the Plante’s face entirely. The reason why he wore this mask is that he had had a cut in 1959. Jason celebrated the fibreglass goalie mask which was popular among so many players. Note that the last people to play NHL goalie without wearing the veil are Pittburgh and Andy Brown back in the year 1974.

There was an invention of advanced goalie masks some years later. The evolution of more goalie masks led to the emergence of hockey helmets which are typically made of face cages. The new age Vintage goalie masks were first introduced to Europeans, but after that the player from North America also used them. The winners of the Vintage goalie mask in the past were Bill Smith and Dominic Hasek. Due to the fact that players do not feel safe when wearing the wire face cage, the number of goaltenders who are using it is getting low each day. The latest developments in creating the cages is remarkable. They are made in such a way that they protect the user’s face as well as the other parts of the head. One can be sure that they will be able to own a goalie mask which suits them.

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