Is holidays and wooden windows restoration combination possible? Indeed!

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Repairs are very tiresome – it’s a fact. Constant clatter and chatter, builders’ refuse, and no place to hide from the chaos. Such procedure really frays homeowners’ nerves, so there’s nothing surprising in a desire to lay the work aside until better days.

Nevertheless, if you’ve read Chameleon’s blog, you must already know that any delay between the emergence of defect and sash window restoration can be fatal for the old wood. So, is the compromise between the need to repair sash windows and indisposition for doing that possible? Chameleon came to one.

During our rich experience of being on a sash repair services market, we’ve worked for many occupied workers, overstretched business owners, investors, and simply busy families. For those clients, the comfort is a priority, and we respect their needs. This is why Chameleon made a decision to provide a service, which will allow homeowners to leave their houses and old sash windows in particular for our team of decorators during the leave. Interested? There’s more info about it!