Decoding the Urban Loft Style Kitchen for You – 4 Stunning Designing Ideas

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If you take a look around, you will see that there is a notable rise in urban loft-style in modern living. Given the fact that there are many industrial buildings in the USA are getting turned into nice cozy homes, such designs are becoming quite popular. The high ceiling, the industrial setting, the pipes, open brick walls, these are the characteristics of an urban loft. There are many warehouses, fire stations and old factories that have been turned into houses in cities. For such a setting, it is also necessary for you to know how you can deck up a kitchen that will be perfect for such a home.

The biggest plus point of an urban loft design is the abundance of open space. Generally, these kitchens are large with access from all corners. To utilize such a space, it is necessary that you think of some really amazing designing ideas that will let you use the whole space quite effectively while creating an visually appealing kitchen. So, in the following points, let’s discuss how you can design an urban loft style kitchen. Take a look.

Work on the Color

When you get a large open space, it is very natural to feel tempted to cramp the whole area with as many fixtures as you can. But refrain from that. Let’s start with a proper plan. The kitchen is already open and spacious.  So, when you are designing the space, first and foremost, think of the dominant color that you will need. For the walls, think of neutral base. Go for white, beige or off white as they will perfectly go with the urban loft style as well as will offer a warm backdrop to the design. For the kitchen floor, if you don’t have already the cemented base, then you can choose hardwood textured flooring. For a cemented floor, go for vinyl floor stickers with wooden texture.

Choose the Cabinetry

The next thing that you have to do is choose the cabinetry. For a kitchen, the most prominent feature is the set of cabinets that not only adorns the space but also enhances the functionality and storage capacity. Now, while selecting the cabinets, it is necessary that you choose the right color so that it can add up to the whole urban loft style of the kitchen. To keep the vibe intact, choose cherry wood kitchen cabinets. The reddish brown hue with the wooden grainy texture will beautifully complement the style. When you are looking for the something warm looking to go with the open brick styled wall, these cherry wood cabinets will do wonder for your kitchen. The wood will age with time and will become darker with time. As a result, it will retain the charm and attractiveness for a long time. Also, the warm texture will enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

Vintage Sitting Arrangement

For this, stomp out on the street of the city and drop by the stores of old furniture. Choose the old worn- out looking tables and chairs for the kitchen. If you are going for a breakfast bar, go for old looking stools around it. Now, while choosing them, make sure you are not compromising with the durability of the fixtures you are choosing.

Suspended Naked Lights

Lights are surely an integral part of the kitchen décor. When you are choosing the lights for the kitchen which is of urban loft-style, it is necessary that you go for suspended naked lights. Use ropes and bulbs for creating the central lights on the table. For task lights, choose the hanging ones with metal frame. Make sure you are not opting for something elaborate. For more visually appealing lighting, you can opt for steam-punk light sets.

So, now as you know how you can create a kitchen with urban loft style, what are you waiting for? Chalk out the plan, get the accessories and shop for the high-quality discount kitchen cabinets. And you are sorted.