Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees Is Not A Mission Impossible

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It’s easy for people living inland to go to a mountain and look for a special kind of tree for their Christmas Eve. For those living in highly urban areas, like Long Island, it’s not easy getting a fresh one.

If you’re living in New York and especially in Manhattan or the neighborhoods around it, you know it’s probably impossible to own one and plant it anywhere after it has been used.

Most of the residents in these areas live in apartments and they prefer artificial trees. However, the Long Island residents most often live in houses with yards and they have the opportunity to take this kind of action.

They like fresh-cut Christmas trees. There are more reasons why this option is much better than the fake option. Still, living in such urban areas makes it pretty difficult to get one on your own. Everyone gets it from the stores that provide it from the high and far away mountains around America.

It’s important to find a fresh-cut one because this will last longer, will give a beautiful look and will make the atmosphere much joyful. No matter how much the artificial one is made perfectly, you and your family will know it’s not alive and this will make things different.

The benefits of getting real Christmas tree

Unlike the fake ones, the real Christmas trees offer the joy of authenticity. It’s not the same having an authentic product and a copy of it, right? When it comes to this, it’s not the same having the real deal and a plastic made copy.

Another thing is that you can always use it afterward. If you live in a house with a yard, you can easily take it from the inside of your room to a place that you love outside. This is a tree that is not affected by climate change and it will be alive and well during the winter and in the summer days.

It will provide shade when it’s hot and during the winter you can also feel good because of its many benefits. One is keeping the curious eyes of the people walking past your house from peeking inside and the neighbors who live next to you. Learn more about them here.

After a few years, you can also use them to decorate your yard just like you’re doing it inside the house. There’s nothing more joyful during the winter holiday season to see a great decorated house yard. You can use all kinds of lamps and lights to create a magic atmosphere inside and outside the house.

How to know which one is fresh?

There two ways to be sure that the tree is fresh. When you’re in the store and checking for the right one, you should just go over the needles gently. If they start falling off it means the tree is not fresh. Move on to another one and do the same. If the needles stay in their place, that means it’s fresh and you can take it.

Another thing to show you if it’s good, is to touch the trunk. If it’s sticky, you can be sure that this is a great piece. If it’s dry then this is not the best option. Go on and look for another choice.

Sellers of Christmas trees won’t tell you which one is fresh and which is not because they try to sell them in as greater number as possible before the big day. If they only sell the best ones, those who are old will just become older and will be harder to be sold. That’s why you need to know on your own how to check this and pick the perfect trunk. Learn more about these things on the link:


With all this in mind, it should be pretty easy to find your best option. Visit some of the many stores selling these things and check out which one is the best for your needs.

Of course, if you prefer artificial ones, you’ll probably find them too in the same place. If there aren’t many fresh ones, you might as well go for this option.