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This article lists down the three most common types of metal roofing. Contact professional roofers in Madison, WI to have them installed at your home. 

3 Most Common Types of Metal Roofing (Header 1)

Many US homeowners contact professional roofers in Madison, WI to request metal roofing installation. One of the primary reasons is that metal roofs are incredibly durable that they tend to last for several decades, even with minimal maintenance. They are also highly resistant to damage caused by insects and other critters, which is a huge problem in other roofing options. 

Metal roofs are also attractive, so they can improve a house’s exterior. If you decide to have metal roofs installed at your home, there are many different options available for you. Here are a few examples, along with their perks and drawbacks:


One of the most common metal roofing options is aluminum. It is a lightweight material that is easier to install compared to other options available on the market. Another advantage of choosing this metal is its incredible resistance to corrosion. Aluminum is a very reactive element, so it can quickly adapt to atmospheric changes. This remarkable property effectively prevents the material from decaying even if there are high moisture levels, oxygen, and salt in the air.

Aluminum roofs are quite costly because of their tedious production process. Although it is the most abundant metal on Earth, it is still difficult to extract from the quarries and use it to create roof panels. 

Aluminum is also a soft metal. So, roofs made from it tend to get dents and deform pretty quickly if a significant amount of force hits them. It is not advisable to use it in areas prone to hail storms because it can easily be damaged by balls of ice. 


Copper roofing is considered to be one of the most expensive materials used for residential and commercial properties. Its panels can cost over a thousand dollars per square (100 sq. ft.), depending on the thickness and brand. But even if it is incredibly pricey, many homeowners still favor it because of its overall quality. Copper roofs are extremely durable, and they can last for many decades, even with minimal maintenance. They are resistant to fire damage, cracking, rusting, and denting.

Copper roof panels weather well with time, too. As they age, a beautiful green patina will gradually appear on their surface, significantly improving their appearance. Because of their natural visual appeal, copper roofs are rarely painted, so homeowners can save money. 

Because of its price, copper roofing is deemed to be a high-end option. Merely having copper roofs installed can instantly increase the value of a house. This is highly advantageous for homeowners who plan to move and sell their house to real estate investors. Copper roofs are quite difficult to install, but homeowners can always call expert roofers madison wi for professional assistance.


Produced by mixing iron and other metallic elements, steel is one of the most commonly used alloys in the construction industry. It is usually made into roofs for both residential and commercial buildings. Roofs made of this metal are quite affordable, at least compared to copper and aluminum options. Also, steel roofing comes in at least three different types:

  • Galvanized – This one is made by coating the top layer of each panel with zinc. As a result, it becomes less prone to rusts, corrosion, and other common forms of damage.
  • Galvalume – Similar to galvanized, this one is made by adding another layer of strong metal to the panels. For this option, both aluminum and zinc are used as a coating material, which offers greater durability and resistance to saltwater and moisture corrosion. Galvalume steel is also less prone to scratches compared to galvanized.
  • Stone-Coated – As its name suggests, stone-coated steel has a layer of stone coating on its surface. It offers both increased durability and enhanced appearance to steel roofing panels. Contrary to people’s misconception, stone-coated steel is actually pretty lightweight and only weighs about 150 lbs. per square.

These are the three most common types of metal roofing used for US homes. If you want to try any of these, do not hesitate to get in touch with your local roofing contractor. You can ask about the options they offer to learn which one is best suited for your home.