Exmark Zero-Turn Mowers and Its Types

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There are different models of Exmark Zero-Turn mowers that will help make lawn care easy and comfortable. Learn what these are to choose what’s best for you.

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There’s nothing better than doing your chores in the most convenient way. Whether it’s in your home or another site, doing your tasks comfortably can make you more efficient. One of the places you want to experience convenience while working is the lawn. This is because tending a wide field of grass can be exhausting.

It’s a good thing that there are zero-turn mowers that make cutting grass easier for everyone. This type of riding lawn mower has two swivelling wheels in front and two large ones at the back. This machine can be controlled by two levers instead of a traditional steering wheel, which gives the mower the ability to turn at 180 degrees. This helps make your work faster and more efficient.

One of the brands that produce amazing zero-turn lawn mowers is Exmark. This brand understands the struggle you may feel when cutting grass. Exmark Zero-Turn mowers are designed with various cutting widths and industry-leading ergonomics. This best-selling brand offers different types of zero-turn mowers. Here are some of them:

Lazer Z

This type has become a standard of excellence when it comes to commercial zero-turn mowers. Landscaping professionals mostly use it for its ability to make quality cuts. This machine is known for its performance and durability, and like all Zero-Turn mowers from Exmark, this increases your productivity since it can cut grass faster. The brand has also made it easier for you to maintain this machine since it uses 40% fewer parts.

There are four Lazer Z models: E-Series, S-Series, X-Series, and Diesel. E-Series has a simplified hydro drive, unibody frame, and onboard diagnostics. S-Series is a gas-powered model that optimizes fuel delivery. This model also comes with 4 adjustable anti-scalp rollers. The third model, X-Series, utilizes a patented RED technology that enables you to use different operation modes.

The Lazer Z Diesel features a hydraulic deck lift that allows you to adjust the cutting height. It also has a 12.0-gallon capacity that makes it a good choice for long work durations. All Lazer Z models are designed with comfortable full-suspension seats for enhanced operator comfort.


This model is a premium residential Zero-Turn lawn mower that offers high-quality performance and professional-grade cuts. It lets a homeowner experience commercial-grade features for less. Quest has two models, the E-Series and S-Series.

Quest E-Series is available in two mower deck widths of 34″ and 42″. It has an ergonomically designed seat, which can help you work comfortably over uneven terrains. This machine can speed up to 7mph and can mow up to 2.8 acres. The E-Series features standard rear engine protection that guards important components. Its 2.9-gallon tank can also keep you working for a longer time with fewer fill-ups.

The S-Series Quest model is a commercial-grade lawn mower for residential use that is available in 50″ and 60″ deck widths. This machine features a 10-gauge steel and wear strip that helps the machine last a long time. This machine enables you to adjust the cutting height easily because of its foot-lift assist. This feature helps lower or lift the cutting deck with ease.


If you want lower ownership costs, then Radius is for you. This lawn mower is used by landscaping professionals to create high-quality cuts. Radius is designed to reduce required maintenance and increase your productivity. Like Lazer Z, this model has four types, S-Series, E-Series, X-Series, and S-Series Rear Discharge.

The Radius E-Series features a heavy-duty unibody frame, which is built with 2-inch by 3-inch frame tubes. This frame is designed to give the machine better maneuverability. The X-Series model uses Kawasaki FX engines equipped with Hydro-Gear that helps the machine speed up to 10mph. It also has an elastomeric vibration control (EVC), which reduces the vehicle’s vibration energy, to give you maximum comfort while using it.

S-Series is also equipped with Hydro-Gear transmission that gives the machine a speed of 9pmh forward ground speed. For increased durability, it features sealed-bearing and maintenance-free spindle assemblies. The S-Series Rear Discharge has the same features. The only difference is that it lets you cut more and faster while controlling clippings.

Find the Model for You

Maintaining your lawn can be a daunting task. It’s a good thing that there are outdoor power machines that can make it easier and more comfortable for you. Having an Exmark Zero-Turn lawn mower will not only increase your productivity but also help you make high-quality and commercial-grade cuts that will make your lawn look professionally done. 

Start making a difference in your lawn care with these amazing lawn mowers. Compare each model to see which one will work best for you!