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The solution to mild flea problems can be found in your own home. Learn about some tips to get rid of these critters that keep pestering your pet and property.

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Fleas are every pet owner’s enemy. They don’t only feed on animals’ blood but also take shelter in homes where they can sustain their needs. And what makes them more bothersome is their ability to multiply rapidly. In fact, a single female flea can lay 25 eggs per day, all of which can grow in just 17 to 26 days. Imagine how many critters are likely to continue pestering your pet and home in just a few weeks or months without proper intervention.

Hiring a professional flea removal service provider is the quickest way to solve such problems. But there are remedies you can try at home to prevent it from escalating into a severe infestation. Here are some of those:

Place Flea Traps Around the House

You can find several traps available in the market. But you can also make one yourself using items you have at home. All you need to do is combine dish soap with warm water in a plate or bowl. Then, place it in the areas around the house where fleas often lurk, such as living rooms, crevices, and carpets. The glue-like texture of the solution will act as a trap for the pests that come into contact with it.

Set the solution at night so you can catch more fleas as they are nocturnal. You can also leave a lit candle nearby to attract them towards the mixture. But remember to do this with precaution, especially if you’re leaving the traps with the burning candle unattended. Place them far from objects that may catch fire and keep any pets or children away from the solution.

Vacuum Carpets

Rugs are one of the fleas’ favorite hideout spots, especially when you have pets that are often resting or sleeping on them. Vacuuming carpets regularly can eliminate not only the pests but also their eggs, larvae, and pupae.

To ensure you’re getting every critter hiding within the fibers, vacuum the carpet thoroughly. It’s crucial that you’re not missing any spot and that every square inch of the rug is cleaned. Also include the areas where the fleas may escape to, such as the corners of rooms or the spaces beneath pieces of furniture. Don’t forget to properly dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag and wash the tank after every use.

Make Use of Home Remedies

In some cases, the solution to the flea problem can be found in your own kitchen. Here are a few of the items you can use:

  • Salt

Sprinkle finely-ground salt all over your carpets. Then, leave it to rest for a few days before vacuuming the rugs. The salt will act as a dehydrator that helps kill adult fleas.

  • Baking Soda

Like salt, baking soda can act as an agent that dehydrates adult fleas. Brush your carpets and rugs with it before vacuuming to remove the critters latching on to the fibers.

  • Rosemary Oil or Powder

Known as an organic flea control product, rosemary can be used to repel critters and treat mild infestations. Put rosemary oil or sprinkle rosemary powder on the areas of your home where you suspect a flea activity. You can also use them for bathing your pet, but remember to consult your veterinarian first for advice or recommendation.

  • Lemon

Make a flea spray using lemon by mixing its extracts with a pint of water. Bring it to boil, then let the solution rest overnight before pouring it into a bottle. You can use it to dampen the infested areas or objects in your home. Like rosemary, its insecticidal properties can only repel fleas, not kill them.

Call for Professional Pest Control

Sometimes, infestations get severe that even home treatment options don’t work. If any of the remedies above didn’t solve your pest problem, then it’s time to call for a flea removal service. Exterminators in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois can develop a viable solution by performing a thorough inspection of the property and identifying the nature and behavior of the critters.

But, even before the problem worsens, seek professional help immediately. Pest control service providers not only exterminate adult fleas and their eggs but also recommend methods on how to keep them from returning to your property. That way, you can defend your home and your pet from such nuisances.