How to mount and dismount a television

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In the home theatre system, the Television set looks best if it is mounted on the wall. Anyone who brings home a new LCD might want to know how to mount it on their living room wall. Given below are the simple steps that are involved in Tv mounting.

1.      Decide where you want to mount the television

Viewing angles have a determining influence on your experience and it is necessary to keep this in mind when mounting your LCD. The ideal location is above the fireplace if there is one in the room as this is the focal point.

2.      Identify the wall studs using a stud finder

Use a stud finder on the wall to identify any wall studs and mark the positions with a maker.

3.      Mark the points where you will drill the pilot holes

Pilot holes are holes in the wall that can allow the mounting screws to be drilled into the wall. To do this, you need to hold the mount against the wall using a level to ensure that it is lined properly. Then use a pencil to make marks where you have to drill in the holes. After that, you must drill in the holes using a drill on which a masonry bit is attached,

4.      Fix the mounting bracket

While holding the mount against the wall, dill in the mounting screws in the pilot holes.

5.      Attach the mounting plate

6.      Mount the television on the wall

Once you are finished with the steps above all you need to do is to line the mounting arm of the Tv with the bracket on the wall and connect them using the instructions given. After that, you are all ready to watch your favorite movie on your home theatre system.

How to dismount a television from the wall

If you ever plan on dismounting your television from the wall, follow the steps below:

1.            Unplug everything

2.            Tilt the television, pop and unlock the safety mechanisms

3.            Lift the television over the mount to remove it from the bracket

4.            Unscrew the mount attached at the back of the television

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