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Here are some common misconceptions about washing machines. Learning the truths behind such myths can help prevent suddenly requesting an appliance repair.

Myths and Facts About Washing Machines (Header 1)

Although washing machines are arguably one of the most common household appliances, there are still people who have a problem using it. At times, they believe in myths that end up damaging their washer, so they request for an immediate service from a nearby appliance repair shop. The sad thing is this could be prevented if they knew about the usual misconceptions about washing machines. Some of those “myths” are listed below. Read on to learn about the truths behind them.

Myth No. 1: Front-Loading Machines Are Better

A lot of people say that front-loading machines are better than their top-loading counterparts. But it depends on the preferences of the person using the washer. It is true that front-loading models are more energy- and water-efficient, and they can wash more clothes in a single cycle. That does not necessarily mean that they are better. 

Top-loading units are generally less expensive. Depending on the brand and load capacity, they can be 20% cheaper than front-loading models. This makes top-loading washers the better choice for homeowners who are on a tight budget. Some top-loading models also have an agitator, which creates a shaking motion inside the machine and helps wash clothes faster.

Myth No. 2: Using More Detergent Makes Your Clothes Cleaner

Laundry detergents usually have instructions in their packaging that recommend how much is needed when washing clothes. But many people believe that adding more than what is indicated there can make their clothes cleaner and more fragrant. That is not necessarily the case. In fact, doing so can make the garments smell bad. This happens because of soap residue left on the fabric, especially around the collar, under the sleeves, and other hard-to-clean areas. 

Extra detergent also produces suds, which can later damage the inner components of the washer. It might cause the sensors of the machine to fail. When this happens, the appliance may not stop automatically after each wash cycle. Another possibility is water leakage, which can slowly corrode the metal parts of the machine. Soon, it will lead to breakage, and some components may need to be replaced. When this problem arises, it will be necessary to request an appliance repair service from a professional.

Myth No. 3: Using Salt Prevents Dyed Fabrics From Bleeding

Dyes in some clothes tend to bleed and cause discoloration to white or other light-colored fabrics. Some people believe they can avoid this predicament by adding an ample amount of salt to the wash cycle. The idea is that salt can act as a mordant, which is an additive that helps the dye stick to the fabric and prevent bleeding. However, there is no truth to this. The salt can do more harm than good because it can cause rusts on the metal component of the machine and lead to damage.

Myth No. 4: Adding Coffee Prevents Dark Clothes From Fading

Some people pour coffee into the washer because they think it will help keep the color of dark clothes. They believe it will act as a natural dye and effectively prevent dark-colored fabrics from fading. But that is not what will happen. The coffee that will be added to the wash cycle will be heavily diluted, so it is highly likely that it will not have any dye-like effects. 

Doing so can also lead to some washer problems. While a cup of coffee emits a nice aroma, the opposite may be true if it is trapped in a water-tight space inside a washer. The odor can get stuck inside the machine, and it will surely be a hassle to get rid of the smell later.

Myth No. 5: Regular Maintenance Is Not Needed for Washers

Some people think that they need to call a technician only when their washing machine gets damaged. But like any other appliance, washers need routine checkups and regular maintenance to keep running in good condition.

Calling a washing machine technician every once in a while can prevent small issues from worsening because they will check every part for any slight damage. If they notice that a component is broken, they will immediately repair or replace it. In the long run, this will help the machine from suddenly breaking down and causing the homeowner a lot of trouble.