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Common Problems With Air Duct Systems

HVAC systems are responsible for keeping you cool during hot days and cozy during cold ones. But, have you ever wondered how the warm and cold air travels to every room in your house from your air conditioner and furnace?

Your HVAC system distributes heat and cold using a collection of metal channels called ductwork. Each air duct connects your cooling and heating units to the vents in your property.

Air ducts are important parts of your HVAC system. That is why you need to take care of them by regularly hiring professionals for air duct cleaning services. You must also take note of the following common issues that occur in air ducts and the various ways to address them.

Improperly Designed or Installed Duct System

Your duct system should be designed and installed with your house’s size and structure in mind. Doing so will make sure that the air is circulated through your property with the least amount of distance and obstruction.

If your ductwork was designed and installed improperly, your HVAC system will not be able to provide efficient heating and cooling to every part of your home. It may also force your HVAC units to work harder, hiking up your energy bill.

You need to consult an HVAC technician to see if the problem is caused by faulty design or installation of your duct system or another underlying issue. If experts determine that your property’s ductwork was poorly designed or installed, they will provide you with options to address your concern. Some solutions they may offer are redesigning and reinstalling your duct system.

Dirty Air Ducts

The air that circulates in your ducts may contain dirt, dust, and other contaminants that may accumulate in your ductwork. Over time, the debris may build up and clog your system, affecting the performance of your HVAC unit.

If you notice that your HVAC system is not providing adequate hot or cold air to the rooms in your house or your energy bill unexpectedly goes up, you might have dirty air ducts. You need to address this problem by contacting HVAC experts and taking advantage of their air duct cleaning services.

Poorly Sealed Registers and Grilles

Registers and grilles are parts of your ductwork that serve as an opening where the cold and warm air from your HVAC system flows through. They are also used as aesthetic seals over the gaping holes and outlets of your air duct system.

If these ductwork components are improperly sealed, heated and cooled air can escape even before reaching your property’s rooms. This will make your air conditioner and furnace work harder to make up for the lost heat and cold, leading to higher energy bills.

Leaks in your duct system may also shorten the lifespan of your HVAC units. Insects and debris can come in through the gaps and cracks of your ductwork and damage your air conditioner or furnace.

The most effective way to address this problem is by having a professional seal the leaks. It is also best to have your ducts cleaned beforehand to ensure that your ductwork is free from any insect or debris.

Improper Insulation

Just like poorly sealed registers and grilles, ductwork that has been improperly insulated can let heated and cooled air escape from your HVAC system. This issue will make your heating and cooling units inefficient and cost you money because of the wasted energy.

To take care of this problem, you need to repair or improve your air ducts’ insulation. This can be done by an HVAC professional who will inspect your ductwork before starting the job.

Kinks and Twists

If your house has a flexible ductwork, you need to ensure that no part of it is kinked or twisted. These restrictions in your air ducts can affect the airflow of your HVAC system and make it inefficient.

You have to address any signs of kinks, twists, or deformity immediately, no matter how simple the issue might seem. These problems may greatly affect your heating and cooling units’ performance if left for a long time.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Ductwork Problems

Air ducts connect the rooms of your house to your HVAC system. Without them, your heating and cooling units might not even be able to serve their purpose. That is why you need to ensure that your duct system is in good condition at all times.

To accomplish this, turn to HVAC technicians who are experienced in addressing the issues listed above. You need to choose professionals who have the skills you require and who can provide you with exceptional customer service.