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The Right Machines for Different Construction Jobs

Heavy equipment is essential in construction projects. Many tasks are too large and laborious to be done manually. By using machinery, big jobs can be completed efficiently.

If you have an upcoming project, it is important to have machines ready for the difficult tasks at hand. Equipment can be expensive, so you must be wise in how you source machinery. Consider getting them from local construction rentals to save money, especially if you are working on a one-time project.

Most jobs also require specific types of equipment. This is why it is crucial to prepare the right machine for your next project. In this article, you will learn about the heavy machinery you need to accomplish various tasks on your construction site.

Forklift for Lifting and Moving Heavy Objects

Carrying and transporting loads is easier when using a forklift. Most building materials are often too heavy for your team to lift and move around. A forklift allows you to safely and quickly transfer bricks, pallets, steel joists, and other large items from the warehouse to anywhere on the job site.

This is made possible by the equipment’s design. Attached to the front of the vehicle’s frame is a forked platform powered by hydraulic and roller chain pulley systems. A counterweight is installed at the back to stabilize the truck and prevent it from tipping over when lifting and moving heavy loads. 

Backhoe Loader for Excavating, Moving, and Flattening Earth

When it comes to digging soil, moving debris, or smoothing surfaces, there is no better equipment for the job than a backhoe loader. This piece of machinery offers versatility that is perfect for various earth-moving projects. Its multi-functionality is attributed to its key parts: the tractor, the loader, and the backhoe.

The tractor serves as the core structure of a backhoe loader. It is equipped with large, rugged tires that allow easy maneuvering on all kinds of rough terrain. A big loader is installed on the front of the vehicle and is used to carry, push, and flatten soil. A backhoe is attached to the back of the tractor. This main equipment component is powerful enough to dig up hard surfaces, crush large debris, and lift heavy loads.

Excavator for Heavy-Duty Material Handling, Digging, and Demolition

Some tasks are beyond the capacity of a regular backhoe loader. These include lifting and moving heavier objects to higher places and greater distances, excavating more compact soils, and demolishing bigger structures. If your upcoming project includes such tasks, consider getting an excavator instead.

This large piece of equipment offers superior digging power, reach, and mobility. Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders power its boom, arm, and bucket to easily dig trenches, crush concrete, and carry materials. The vehicle also features a rotating cab and movable tracks that allow better maneuverability when transporting objects and navigating the construction site.

Skid Steer for Landscaping and More

Digging and moving earth are just some of the many functions of a skid steer. It can also be used for landscaping, excavation, snow clearing, and other tasks. The key is to equip the vehicle with the right attachment for the job. 

The skid steer is a compact equipment that uses a wide range of attachments to perform various functions. It can be fitted with a loader, backhoe, cement mixer, pallet fork, trencher, snow blade, and more. By securing the necessary gears for the upcoming tasks, you can fully maximize this machine for your construction project. 

Aerial Work Platform for Lifting Crew

Ladders and scaffoldings may not be enough when you need to perform tasks at hard-to-reach places on your construction site. If you are dealing with heights, the aerial work platform is the right choice.

This lifting machinery features an extendable, bendable, and rotating boom and arm with an outfitted platform that can accommodate limited personnel. Such components and design allow the equipment to take you to high places that are otherwise impossible to reach.

Consult a Machine Specialist When Gearing Up for Big Jobs 

There are several makes and models of forklifts, backhoe loaders, excavators, skid steers, and aerial work platforms. They all have features and functionalities that are advantageous in various circumstances. It is best to consult a professional, so you can make wise judgments and informed decisions when preparing heavy machines for your next project.

Most construction rentals have in-house machine specialists that provide guidance when choosing equipment. Do not hesitate to ask an expert when visiting a local rental company, so you can get the right machines for your big jobs.