Ways to Keep Your Commercial Building Safe

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If you’re a business owner, the safety of your employees and clients inside your building should be one of your top priorities. So, it’s only imperative for you to learn how to increase the security of your commercial property. This article lists down a few tips that can help you:

  1. Install an Alarm System   

One of the first things to do when improving the security of your building is to install an effective alarm system. Doing so helps in monitoring the area 24/7. This can prevent break-ins to your facility because it alerts you whenever it detects the presence of any suspicious people. This way, you can quickly get in touch with the authorities.

Aside from an alarm system that can monitor people, it’s also a great idea to install a few smoke detectors around the building. These devices will make a loud noise when they detect a large amount of smoke. In some cases, they can be connected to sprinklers, automatically spraying water around that same area.

  1. Add Surveillance Cameras  

Having a surveillance camera is a good way to keep an eye on your whole facility at all times. They are all the more necessary if you cannot hire guards to roam around and monitor your whole building. Installing cameras are among the best ways to prevent theft or any other kind of criminal activity. It’s highly effective in discouraging people from doing something illegal. Or, if by a slim chance a crime still happens, security cameras ensure that you have it recorded even if there are no witnesses. 

The number of security cameras to be installed depends on the size of your whole facility. It’s also important to remember that you should place each camera at a strategic location, like the following:

  • Main Exit and Entrance Points – Adding cameras to your building’s main doors will let you take a good look at who’s going in and out of your whole facility.
  • Reception Area – The reception hall is a high-traffic area, so it’s necessary to install at least one camera to capture the faces of people staying there.
  • Parking Area – The parking lot is a dimly lit place, so it can be a good hiding place for people who want to sneak inside your facility without getting noticed. It’s why you must monitor the whole area with a security camera. Install a few with a broad view, HD picture quality, and night vision. This way, you can see the faces of individuals roaming the area as well as the license plates of the cars parked in there. 
  • Points of Sale – If you own a store, it’s necessary to install a security camera near the cash register to prevent theft. 

When installing surveillance cameras, it’s a great idea to make them more noticeable. If possible, put up a sign that cameras are strategically positioned around the area to surveil the people around. Doing so discourages individuals from doing any harm because they know that they are being monitored. Also, hiding cameras can have legal implications, depending on your state’s laws.

  1. Use High-Security Locks   

Another way to increase the security of your office building is to use commercial-grade locks. These locks are more durable because they are made of higher-quality materials. They are sure to last long, as well, because they won’t suffer from wear and tear easily. But most importantly, commercial-grade locks are difficult to bypass. Any local locksmith can guarantee that installing these locks will prevent break-ins, thefts, and other crimes. 

There are various kinds of high-security locks to choose from. Mortise locks are among the most common examples. They have a cylinder for the key and a separate body for the locking mechanism itself. One of the reasons they’re a popular choice is their price. Compared to other commercial-grade locks, this option is one of the most affordable.

You can also use a panic bar lock. It’s usually installed in fire doors and other exit points that people can use during times of emergencies. Panic bars are extremely easy to open when you’re inside, but the reverse is true if you’re outside. In a way, they are among the best kinds of locks that can prevent unauthorized people from entering your commercial establishment.

There are many other kinds of locks to choose from. Feel free to get in touch with your local locksmith for professional assistance. They can help you select the best type of lock that fits your needs, and lend a hand in the installation as well.