6 FAQs About Ridding Bed Bugs

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No matter where you live or what you do, everyone looks forward to that time of the night when you can finally hit the hay and call it a night. A few good hours of sleep is a universal requirement for a productive day and good health.

However, sometimes creepy crawlers are lurking in the shadows, waiting for just that pristine moment to emerge and end your siesta. No, not the monsters under your bed, but the real-life blood-sucking pests – bed bugs!

Don’t let bed bugs spoil your night’s sleep. If the infestation is too much, no home remedy is going to make the cut. Your best bet is to contact Pointe pest control and other similar professional pest exterminators.

Here are some of the most popular FAQs about bed bugs and how to rid your home (and life) of these pesky little blood monsters. Read on.

Bed Bug 101: Things You Should Know About Bed Bug Infestations

  1. What are the most common hiding spots for bed bugs?

These tiny insects feed on human blood and do it most actively during the night! As their name suggests, these live mainly on the bed (including bedding) and wooden furniture corners. They can survive without drinking human blood for long periods and often hitch a ride in luggage cases to infest other places.

  • Are these visible to the naked eye?

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are big enough for you to see them with your naked eyes. They range from 1-7 mm (the size of apple seeds). In fact, most people can actually see live bugs, their fecal spots (tiny brown-black spots on sheets, pillowcases), or their eggs on their beds.

  • Will it help stop bites if I keep the lights on?

People have a common misconception that keeping the lights on will deter a bed bug’s spirit! While it is true that these insects are nocturnal and come out to play after dark, light doesn’t stop them from feeding. So, by keeping the lights on, you are basically spoiling your sleep even more.

  • Are their bites harmful to humans?

Not unless you are allergic to them. Most bed bug bites are nothing but a nuisance of a major magnitude. They disturb your sleep and leave nasty marks on your skin (enough reason to get rid of them). Over-the-counter creams and anti-allergens can help soothe your red and angry skin.

  • Can you treat bed bug infestations using home remedies?

Yes, you can. But the effectiveness of the treatment depends on how bad is the infestation. If it is just starting to show, consumer products help check the growth. Another great tip to keep bed bugs in control is thorough vacuuming.

  • When do I need professional help?

Bed bugs are notorious pests that are extremely difficult to rid. They spread fast if you are not careful with using exterminating products. So, it is always better to seek professional help right from an early stage so that it doesn’t become a major problem in the future.